Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

From: Ronnie Smith, Vice Chancellor, Administration and Finance
Subject: Hurricane Katrina Recovery – Update #22
Posted: August 7, 2006

We continue to press towards the completion of key repairs in the MEB in preparation for the return of classes to the downtown campus. The enhancements to the MEB 3rd Floor seminar rooms are complete and they are being used as needed. The damaged MDL #6 has reopened. Work crews continue to work in the two Large Lecture Rooms (A&B), and in the Morgue and Gross Anatomy & Swing Labs so that the Gross Anatomy classes can begin. We continue to face some challenges related to the timely delivery of some key components needed for the repairs, but we are monitoring progress daily and we’re working closely with the contractor to insure that the work is completed as rapidly as possible. Some accommodations have been required during the 1st few weeks of classes and we appreciate the cooperation and understanding of the faculty and students as the work is completed. Specifics on the repairs within the MEB can be found below.

The environmental remediation work at 1542 Tulane is completed, but recent test results show that some re-cleaning is needed. Once we receive the necessary clearances from the environmental consultants, we will be able to reopen the building for limited access. The contractor making temporary repairs to the building’s electrical and mechanical systems has ordered parts and begun the removal of damaged components in preparation for their replacement or repair. Repairs to electrical switchgear, building pumps, basement sprinkler system, emergency generator, etc. are required.

The majority of the temporary repairs to the Clinic and Administration buildings on the Dental School campus have been completed. Punch lists are being developed and provided to the two contractors routinely. The State Fire Marshal recently completed his initial assessment of the two buildings and made some recommendations to facilitate reoccupation of the buildings. The architects are following up on those comments at this time. Some contract Change Orders are expected to result from the Fire Marshal’s input. There will also be some limited environmental remediation required in the upper floors of the buildings and those specifications have been prepared, so that a Change Order for that work can be priced.

The eventual permanent repairs will also involve the elevation of critical building components and functions to prevent repetitive damage should a similar event ever occur. The planning for this work by both the downtown campus and Dental School design teams is underway. Concepts continue to be refined and shared with FEMA as they are developed. Recently, at the request of LSUHSC, the design team for the downtown campus has been focusing on developing plans to rebuild the Cohn Learning Center on an upper floor of the Lion’s/LSU Clinic Building as part of the permanent repairs planned for this building. This design concept is expected to be agreed to by LSUHSC and then presented to FEMA for their initial consideration in the near future. Other concepts are also being developed as time permits; for the Central Utility Plant, the Resource Center, etc.

Both of the design teams (architects & engineers) are continuing to work closely with our FEMA team to reconcile their assessments of the damage to the various buildings with the FEMA team’s assessments. This task is critical, as it will insure that as specifications are developed for the permanent repairs, the scope of work in the bids will be fully eligible for FEMA reimbursement. In some instances, significant increases in both the scope of work and the related cost estimates have resulted from the scope alignment work.

Here are highlights of work that has been accomplished since our last update was posted two weeks ago.

  • The contractor for the permanent repairs to the MEB Lecture Rooms, the Gross Anatomy Lab, the Morgue, and the Multidisciplinary Labs continues to push towards completion of the contract.
    • The contractor finished the application of the additional epoxy coating to the Morgue floor in the MEB on 7/25. This additional coating provides additional protection against certain strong chemicals used in the Morgue.
    • The compressors for the Morgue cooler are online and working properly. They will be run for the next several days to insure that no undiscovered damage exists.
      • The Morgue floor has two cracks in Cooler B.  The cracking is most likely due to the shrinking of the underlying concrete floor as the temperature in the cooler dropped, once it was turned on. The design team and contractor are assessing the problem and developing a plan for correcting the issue.
    • The new casework for the Morgue, the Gross and Swing Labs is scheduled to arrive next Tuesday and installation will begin immediately.
    • The countertops and new faucets for the Morgue, Gross and Swing Labs arrived on 8/2. They will be installed by the contractor as soon as the corresponding casework is installed.
    • The new projector screen for Lecture Room A has arrived and has been installed.
    • The speakers for Lecture Room A have been installed and connected.
    • The two new podiums for the Lecture Rooms have been delivered and installed.
      • The audio/visual sub-contractor is working to resolve some problems with podium mounted controls.
    • In Lecture Hall A, the remaining acoustic wallpaper was installed.
    • Approximately 40% of the new table tops for Lecture Room A in the MEB were delivered on 8/1. 12 of the table tops and some modesty panels were damaged in shipment. The installation hardware for the table tops has not been delivered.
      • We will install the usable table tops and modesty panels to allow the room to be used, while replacement components are manufactured and delivered.
    • In Lecture Room A at the MEB, the holes for the table top data and power connection spheres are being drilled and the table tops are being installed.
    • The new network cables have been run to the table tops in Lecture Room B. The contractor has also connected all of the data cables that run to the individual table tops to the panel in the back of the room. The circuits have been tested and errors that were found have been corrected.
    • The contractor has completed the installation of the modesty panels and is securing the power legs to the seating in Lecture Room B. The step lights have also been installed.
    • The installation of the remaining acoustic wallpaper and trim in Lecture Room B has been completed.
    • In Lecture Room B, the few remaining data and power connections are being wired on the replacement table tops.
    • The new air handling unit that serves 2nd floor lobby area has been set in place and the piping is underway.  The old pipes have been removed.
      • The chilled water piping that supplies the new air handling unit is being insulated.
      • The controls for the new air handling unit have been installed.
      • The contractor is running the hot water lines to the supply on the new air handling unit.
    • The new marker boards for the Lecture Rooms are scheduled to ship on August 28th. We are working with the architects to see if an alternative can be identified that can be delivered and installed as an interim solution.
  • The temporary repairs to the School of Dentistry Clinic and Administration buildings continue.
    • Chiller #1 and Chiller #2 condenser water lines have been piped.
    • The chilled water piping for Chiller #1 and Chiller #2 is complete.  Leak testing underway.
    • The contractor is insulating the pipes for the temporary chillers.
    • Additional piping is being run in the basement to connect the chillers to the buildings’ air handling units.
    • Additional testing and evaluation of the existing cooling towers is required to determine if they can serve the temporary chillers or if repairs are required.
    • Ice water machines and the filters have been delivered and the installation will begin shortly.
    • New concrete pads were poured for the ice water machines. (It was discovered that the casing for the machines was larger than the specifications indicated.)
    • The contractor is working on the wet vac system; fabricating pipes for the connection to the building system.
    • The hot water heaters are now connected to both steam and domestic hot water – testing is to be done later this week if Entergy resolves an issue with the natural gas at the campus.
    • The contractor is working on the water softener piping. They are removing the old pump and gauges.
    • Lighting for the loading dock has been installed.
    • The framing for the room to contain the temporary switchgear is complete, and demolition of the old switchgear is approximately 90% complete.
    • The sump pumps were tested for proper operation of their controls.
    • The exhaust fans have been installed on the roof of the Dental School.
    • The stud walls for the new switch gear (required by code) have been completed.
    • The installation of the building fire pumps has been finished.
    • The State Fire Marshal has made a preliminary inspection and has identified specific items that still need to be addressed. The architects are developing solutions that will address the items that have been noted.
    • The specifications have been developed for the environmental remediation work in the upper floors of the Clinic and Administration buildings.
  • Work on the 3rd environmental remediation contract addressing the balance of the buildings and facilities on the downtown campus is substantially complete. While the remediation work is underway, access to the entire building remains restricted. When air sampling results are received indicating that the remediation has been successful, we will again allow access to the building. Specific updates on progress are as follows:
    • Recent test results reveal that re-cleaning is need on the 8th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st floor. The contractor will be notified.
  • Bids have been received, evaluated and a contract has been awarded for additional repairs to the chilled water pump and related mechanical/electrical components in the Central Utility Plant, attached to the Roman St. Garage. These additional repairs will insure that we have sufficient chilled water capacity for the hottest summer months and also have a redundant pumping system should one fail or require repairs.
    • The contractor has received approval on the parts that he intends to order. The rebuilding process and the ordering of parts will begin next week.
  • The contract to make temporary repairs to the building’s critical electrical & mechanical systems at 1542 Tulane Ave. has been awarded. The contractor has ordered the parts and materials necessary for the contract and work will begin shortly. The contract includes an aggressive schedule for completion.
    • The contractor is setting up temporary work lights and breaker panels that will facilitate their work.
    • They are dismantling the old switch gear so that it can be removed.
    • One of the temporary sump pumps (installed by LSUHSC after the disaster to control ground water intrusion in the basement) burned out. This slowed the contractor, as approximately 6 inches of water had built up in the basement after the recent rains.
    • The sump pump will be replaced by LSUHSC Facilities staff. Temporary power will be provided that will allow the temporary sump pumps to operate 24 hours a day.
    • The various building pumps and motors that are to be rebuilt or replaced have been removed and the parts required for repair are on order. At this time, approximately half of the building pumps have been removed and are in the shop being rebuilt. The other half will follow shortly. The pumps include sump pumps, city water pumps, chill water pumps, and heating water pumps from the basement.
  • The permanent repairs to building elevators continue. Elevators that have been repaired, inspected and certified for passenger use include:
    • All of the Stanislaus Hall elevators.
    • All five of the elevators in the Lion’s/LSU Clinic Building.
      • Repairs to the damaged elevator floors have been completed.
    • The MEB elevators.
      • Repairs to the damaged elevator floors are now complete.
    • The elevators in the Residence Hall.
      • Repairs to the damaged elevator floors in the "B" and "C" towers are now complete.
    • The passenger elevators in the Nursing/Allied Health Building.
      • Repairs to the damaged elevator floors are now complete.
    • Two passenger elevators in the Resource Center.
      • The freight elevator at the Resource Center did not pass the inspection of the State Elevator Inspector.  We are waiting on his report to see what specific issues need to be addressed.
    • Roman St. Parking Garage – The contractor has begun making repairs to the two passenger elevators.
    • Dental School Clinic and Administration Buildings: The elevator pits have been pumped out and the contractor is now able to access the pits and make the final determinations regarding damage and needed repairs.
      • The elevator contractor for the Dental School has started replacing switches.
      • The elevator contractor is installing new rollers on the Clinic Building elevators.
      • The elevator contractor has been able to get temporary repairs made to three of the elevators. These repairs are not sufficient to get the elevators certified for use, but they will allow the contractor to operate selected elevators occasionally when critical needs are present. Normal access to the upper floors by faculty and staff will continue to be via the stairwells.
  • The contractor making permanent window repairs to the downtown campus is progressing well. 46 windows around the CSRB and the Lion’s/LSU Clinic building have been replaced so far.  All of the replacement windows have been received. The contractor needs to build additional staging and must also secure a second lift that will give access to the windows located high on the buildings.
  • The availability of parking for faculty, staff and students on the campus has increased recently.
    • Student Lot 3 on Perdido Street has re-opened. It is available to registered students and student workers who have been granted general parking access.
    • The lot formerly designated as Student lot 5 will be re-designated as Student lot 1. At this time, Student lots 1, 2, and 3 are open for student parking. Student housing residents will utilize parking in the Residence Hall lot or in the Gravier St. Parking Garage (Stanislaus Hall).
    • Lot T is now repaired and access will be restricted to approved registered parkers.
    • Additional parking access controls and electronics will be repaired in the near future and the respective parking lots re-opened.
    • We also anticipate a lighting improvement project in the student lots will begin in the near future. There may be small sections of the lots secured at times as light poles are removed and re-installed at the designated points.

Please continue to follow our progress through our Daily Updates that are also available on the web site.