Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

From: Ronnie Smith, Vice Chancellor, Administration and Finance
Subject: Hurricane Katrina Recovery – Update #51
Posted: September 21, 2007

The new President of the LSU System President, Dr. John Lombardi, led a group of dignitaries, including the new LSU System Vice President, Dr. Fred Cerise, LSU Health Sciences Chancellor, Dr. Larry Hollier, and Dental School Dean, Dr. Eric Hovland, at a press conference announcing the resumption of dental clinics for patients at the New Orleans campus. Patients are being seen and classes are underway.

Work at the Dental School continues in a few areas. The Central Sterilization unit is expected to be back in operation in its new 3rd floor location within the next week. Temporary work spaces for Facility Services, Supply Chain Management, and Dental Central Supply have been constructed on the 1st floor of the Clinic Building and are beginning to be used. Work on the elevator lobby and the main lobby area is progressing on schedule. The restoration of the exterior lighting in the parking lots and grounds is complete.

Temporary repairs continue to be made at 1542 Tulane Ave. The work to restore electrical power throughout the building is substantially complete. The replacement of the flood damaged and obsolete fire alarm system is progressing well. The foundation for the temporary emergency generator has been constructed and the generator should be moved into position and connected starting next week. Repairs to the building control system are underway and plans are being made to receive chilled water from Entergy Thermal by the end of the month. Repairs to building elevators are progressing.

The final construction drawings for the permanent repairs and the Section 406 Hazard Mitigation proposal for the Lions/LSU Clinic Building have been completed and delivered to LSUHSC, the Office of Facility Planning and Control, the Governors Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness and FEMA for review. We have also received the Design/Development packages for the permanent repairs and Section 406 Hazard Mitigation proposals for the Allied Health/Nursing Building, the Residence Hall, and the Resource Center. These are also being reviewed by all of the parties.

Here are highlights of work that has been accomplished since our last update was posted two weeks ago.

Project to Make Temporary Repairs to the Dental School:

  • 1st Floor Clinic Building Projects
    • Insulation has been installed around the ductwork.
      • The HVAC installation in the main lobby is substantially complete.
      • Siemens is completing the installation of the VAV boxes on the air handler for area 3.
    • Lighting and electrical installation work continues.
      • The lighting installation in the elevator lobby is substantially complete.
      • All electrical connections in area 3 are substantially complete.
      • Air handling units, light fixtures, and outlets should have power by early in the week of 9/20/07.
      • The remaining light fixtures are being installed.
    • Areas 1 and 2 temporary work is complete and awaiting power to be connected to the AHUs.
      • Area 3 mechanical room connections have been made and the work is substantially complete.
      • Floor has been leveled in area 2.
    • Sprinkler heads were installed in the elevator lobby. The installation of the other sprinkler heads is in progress.
    • The fur down in main lobby is being installed.
      • The rough-in for the fur down is complete.
      • Sheet rock has been delivered and is being installed.
    • The installation of sheet rock around the reception desk area is underway.
  • Central Sterilization
    • Getinge continues to make the various connections to the sterilization equipment.
      • They have completed the placement of the sterilizers and washers and they are awaiting new electrical drops to be installed before testing can occur.
      • The remaining connections have been completed. Testing should be completed during the week of 9/20/07
    • Landis has completed the installation of wainscoting and has completed the final painting.
    • Door hardware and trim has been installed.
    • Landis has completed their work and the architects will do their walkthrough and develop a punch list.
  • Environmental Remediation
    • The final viable re-sample result has arrived and AHU 5A passed and was turned on.
    • The remediation project is now complete.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • The domestic water system was shocked and purged to clean out any bacteria in the system. 
      • Test result came back clean indicating that process was successful. 
      • Water is now approved for drinking and patient care activities.
    • The ice machine for the food service area was powered up after the water line was flushed out to make sure all excess chlorine was out of the lines.
    • Natural gas lines are to be repaired and tested. Until then, propane will be used in labs.
    • The project to replace the various inline dampers throughout the two buildings has re-commenced.
    • The site lighting installation is complete and testing of the lights has been completed.

Project to Make Temporary Repairs to 1542 Tulane Ave.:

  • Fire Alarm System:
    • Siemens has installed new speaker and strobe device boxes on the 1st floor.
    • Ordes made the final conduit connections between the new riser and the new fire alarm panel.
    • All of the new device boxes have been installed on the 2nd and 3rd floors.
    • Siemens continues to work on the installation of the fire alarm device boxes on the 4th & 5th floors.
    • The contractor has pulled all of the existing device wires to the junction boxes in the riser closets on floors 1 - 8.
  • Elevator Repairs:
    • Stratos Elevator Company is working on Elevator #2.
      • The have installed the whisper-flex cabling which acts in conjunction with the counter-weight as a counter balance to the elevator cab.
      • Stratos has wired the car operator panel, the top of the elevator car & the controller. 
      • Stratos continues to work on Elevator #2, installing new buffers and making the final programming adjustments for the elevator car and the controller.
    • Stratos delivered additional materials (wiring, conduit, & wiring duct) to the site for the controllers of Elevators #7 and #8.
      • The wire duct has been installed for the controllers serving both elevators.
      • They have replaced the motor wiring for both of the elevators.
  • Arc Mechanical completed the construction of the wooden form for the emergency generator foundation.
    • The concrete has been poured.
  • Ordes Electric is walking the building, checking all areas powered by the 4th floor riser for power now that all fuses have been installed.  
  • Arc Mechanical is on site labeling the insulated chilled water supply & return lines.
    • They have installed the air dryer for the main air compressor.
    • Final connections are being made to the water heaters.
  • American Sprinkler Co is on site replacing two leaking valves on the fire pump that were corroded by the flood waters.
    • The new valves have been installed and the remaining valves have been re-packed.
  • Ordes Electric met with Siemens to discuss and laying-out the wire routing for the building control system. This work will replace flooded panels in basement as well as the associated control devices and wiring.
    • Ordes is installing control wiring in the basement for the flow meters, temperature sensors, and starter controls.
  • Zimmer-Eschette is removing the corrugated walkway.

Downtown Campus Landscaping Project:

  • The installation of the irrigation control wires for the Allied Health/Nursing Building and the MEB has been completed.
  • The two inch main irrigation line has been installed on the Bolivar St. side of the MEB and the trenches have been backfilled.
  • The irrigation control wires have been spliced at the junction point of the two separate runs on the Perdido St. side of the MEB.
  • The two inch main leading to the front door of the Allied Health/Nursing Building has been installed.
  • All of the old vegetation has been removed from the Gravier St. side of the Allied Health/Nursing Building.
  • Crews continued installing irrigation control valves on the Perdido St. side of MEB.

We encourage you to follow the details of our progress through the daily updates which are posted on the web site.