Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

  • Office of Facility Planning roof inspectors were on site at the downtown campus today and access was granted to the buildings as requested.
  • The basement at the Dental School is still getting approx.10" of water each night. Manned gas-powered pumps are used to pump out the water each morning. Electricity is not yet available to allow installation of electric sump pumps. Stanislaus electric sump pump was relocated today and water levels appear to be being maintained today.
  • Adaptors for the fire hydrants have been secured and the exterior wash down of the buildings at 1542 Tulane Ave. and the Dental School is now underway.
  • Copies of the 1st five written environmental assessment reports have been provided to Office of Facility Planning. AEC (the environmental consulting firm) is writing the balance of the building assessment reports, preparing the bound printed copies of all reports and the electronic copies of the same.
  • The architect completed a specific assessment today of fixed auditorium seating in 1st floor rooms at LSUHSC's request. The recommendation was that the flooded seating will have to be replaced, not salvaged/repaired. The assessment field work in the few remaining sites (Animal Care areas of the MEB & CSRB, basement of the Dental School, and the Wadadli Restaurant) will begin on 10/20.
  • A change order to the contract to repair the switch gear at the Resource Center was issued today to address the additional damage to feeder lines discovered yesterday.
  • Elevator contractors continue to work throughout the campus. Stratos has pumped out the elevator pits at Stanislaus Hall and Reliable has pumped out the elevator pits at the Resource Center. Schindler is working to get a freight elevator in the MEB to operate with temporary power provided by LSUHSC Facilities staff.
  • The States Office of Facility Planning has recently been charged with oversight of the States response to the two hurricane disasters. LSUHSC has been successful in getting expedited handling of some initial, smaller projects submitted to Facility Planning. Delegation to proceed has been received on projects to remove and dispose of flood damaged movable equipment and furnishings, and to provide emergency A/C to the Dental School. Facility Planning is also working with us to expedite the selection of an architectural firm for the large building restoration/remediation projects.
  • An addendum was issued today to address questions and a scope change for the solicitation to provide emergency A/C to the Dental School, resulting from the 10/17 contractor walk thru.
  • The Radiation Systems Officer reports that wipe tests from the CSRB, MEB, Lions Eye Center, and the Dental School all came back showing no radiation contamination.