Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Thursday, November 10, 2005

  • Computer Services migrated two of their Exchange (email) servers to new software; Exchange Server 2003. These servers are configured with Intelligent Message Filter (IMF), Microsoft's spam filtering software designed for Exchange 2003 and are acting as gateway servers between our Exchange environment and the Internet. This software will significantly reduce the number of spam messages received by our users.
  • The bid solicitation to make permanent repairs to various types of pumps that supply water and heat to the Residence Hall, MEB, CSRB, Lions Eye Center, Nursing/Allied Health, and Resource Center was released today. Bids are due back on 11/25/05.
  • The Office of Facility Planning & Control has approved the text for the advertisements re: the architect selection process for the large, permanent repair projects. They are placing the advertisements. Two architectural projects are contemplated; one for the Dental School and another for the downtown campus. An expedited selection process is planned.
  • Work under the contract to remove the flood damaged movable furnishings and equipment is proceeding. Work at the Lions Eye Center was completed on 11/9 and the work at the Foundation Bldg was completed today. Work at the CSRB began this afternoon.
  • An addendum to the solicitation to repair switchgear at the Residence Hall, CSRB, Lions Eye Center and Nursing/Allied Health was issued on 11/9/05. Bids are due on 11/11/05.
  • The rebuilt domestic water pumps that were installed in the Resource Center have been connected to building power today.