Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

  • The contractor continues to work on the repairs to the Animal Care cage & bottle washers, and the sterilizer at the CSRB.
  • Work is progressing well on the repair of the fire alarm system at the CSRB.
  • The damaged fire pump has been removed from the Nursing/Allied Health building.
  • CSRB Switchgear: The contractor has isolated the ground faults related to the 1st main fuse truck installed yesterday and emergency power has been restored to the building. The 2nd rebuilt main fuse truck has been delivered to the site and has been installed. The second series of ground faults are now being diagnosed.
  • The contractor is steam cleaning the Lakeside parking lot, where flood damaged materials from the basement of 1542 Tulane had been placed pending their disposal.
  • The installation of the back up domestic water pump at the Residence Hall has been delayed by the discovery of a damaged regulator. The replacement part is on order and the installation of the pump is scheduled for Wednesday, 1/18.
  • LSUHSC Property & Facilities staff are continuing the installation of temporary emergency lighting at the CSRB. The replacement for the damaged transformer serving the MRI trailer has also been received.
  • Flood damaged equipment that had been temporarily stored at the MEB and behind the CSRB has been moved to offsite storage.
  • The five new breakers needed to complete repairs to the MEB switchgear have been delivered.
  • Plans have been developed for a manned fire watch in the event that the CSRB fire alarm system and fire pump repairs are not completed before the re-occupancy of the upper floors begins on 1/17/06. The State Fire Marshal will be present on the 17th to inspect and test the completed repairs, or to approve the manned fire watch.