Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

  • Temporary repairs to the building electrical system (Phase 1) at the Dental School continue. A broken water line has caused some minor flooding in the basement and one of the temporary sump pumps burned up and is being replaced. The contractor has completed approximately 20% of the new conduit runs and the temporary power wires have been run. The temporary switch gear and tap boxes are on order and awaiting delivery.
  • The contractor responsible for Phase 2 of the temporary repairs to the Dental School has mobilized and begun work. The demolition related to environmental remediation has begun on the 1st floors of the two main buildings. The contractor has also started removing the damaged air compressors (medical and control air) from the Power Plant.
  • The contractor completed wiring the city water pump at Stanislaus Hall at 1:00 PM today. The city water pump and system filled and started operations today. The chilled water system in the building will be started up tomorrow.
  • The State Fire Marshal is scheduled to inspect the fire alarm system at the Nursing/Allied Health Building on Monday morning, May 1st.
  • Work on the punch list for the fire alarm system in the Residence Hall is complete. The contractor must re-inspect the system, and all the standalone smoke detectors must be tested and documented by LSUHSC personnel. When complete, the State Fire Marshal will be scheduled to inspect the build system.
  • The environmental remediation contractor has completed all of the work in the Nursing/Allied Health Building. We have the environmental clearance on floors 3-9, and the building air handling units are operating.
  • At the Residence Hall, we are waiting on the environmental test results for clearance on most of the building floors.
  • The tile replacement in the Residence Hall continues. That work has been completed on Floors 7-10 on all three towers.
  • The environmental remediation work is complete at Stanislaus Hall.
  • The contractor is re-cleaning the rooftop ventilation unit that failed the earlier environmental testing.
  • The replacement of carpeting in the Resource Center continues. The large open area on the 3rd floor has been completed and the book shelves are being moved back into place. The 4th floor has been completed except for the stairs. The replacement work has not yet begun on the 5th floor.