Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Friday, April 07, 2006

  • The results of the inspection of the Lions/LSU Clinic elevators have not yet been published. Work began today on the repairs to the elevators serving the Walk To Wellness.
  • All smoke detectors and pull stations have been installed in the Nursing/Allied Health Building with the exception of 8 pull stations and duct-mounted smoke detectors on the 5th and 10th floors. Additional parts are required to complete this portion of the work. The contractor is working on the terminations for all of the control wires for the fire system and this work appears to be approximately 25 % complete. A missing cabinet (one of two) that will house the fire equipment is still on backorder, but the other cabinet has been mounted.
  • The heating hot water pumps in the CSRB and MEB have been connected to electrical power. They will be tested early next week.
  • Work on the environmental remediation of the 1st floors of both the Nursing/Allied Health Building and the Resource Center continues. Approximately half of the mechanical rooms in both buildings have been cleaned and passed inspection.