Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

  • As students move back into the Residence Hall, the LSUHSC Facility Services staff continue to move furniture into the proper rooms, fix leaks that may have been identified, change light bulbs as needed, and replace burned out light bulbs in Exit signs.
    • New washing machines and dryers are expected to be delivered and installed in the near future.
  • The contractors making temporary repairs to the Dental School Clinic and Administration buildings are making steady progress in the basement and 1st floor spaces.
    • The 1st floor cleanup and demolition of flood damaged building materials has been completed in the Clinic Building; the temporary barriers were removed today.
  • The State Fire Marshall is scheduled to inspect the Resource Center tomorrow.
  • The elevator repair contractors continue their work as they make repairs to elevators in various downtown campus buildings.
    • Roman St. Parking Garage The contractor has begun making repairs to the two passenger elevators.
    • Nursing/Allied Health The 4th and final passenger elevator was certified for passenger use by the State Elevator Inspector late last week. The freight elevator repairs continue.
  • Repairs and enhancements to the two large MEB Lecture Rooms have begun.
    • The contractor is drilling in the auditorium to allow for electrical service and network connections to be provided to each seat in the Lecture Rooms.
    • The mechanical subcontractor working in the MEB expects to remove the damage air handling unit serving the Lecture Rooms tomorrow.
  • MEB Seminar Rooms all of the new ceiling tiles have been installed.
  • The environmental remediation contactor completed their cleaning work on the Walk to Wellness on Saturday.