Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

  • PLEASE NOTE: The replacement of the CSRB riser feeders that serve the Perdido Side of the building continues this weekend, June 16th and 17th. This work will entail several complete power outages, each less than one hour in duration. Additional outages will follow on the next weekend, June 23rd and 24th, to complete the replacement of riser A feeders. Other than the times of complete power outage, the air conditioning, ventilation and emergency power will be available. A mass email has been distributed that includes details of the outages and schedules.
  • The CSRB medical air and vacuum pumps have been put back on line. Vacuum and medical air is now available for use in the building.
  • The Lions/LSU Clinic Building vacuum pump has also been put back on line. Vacuum is available for use.
  • The refurbished de-ionized water pump in the MEB has failed. This has shut down the de-ionized water system in the MEB. A contract to replace this flood damaged pump is in place, and we expect the de-ionized water system to be restored in the near future.
  • The replacement pump for the de-ionized water pump for the CSRB system is also on order and will be installed as soon as it is received.
  • The medical air (high pressure) system in the MEB is anticipated to have repairs completed late next week.
  • The first of two new domestic water pumps went into operation at the Nursing/Allied Health Building.
  • The elevators in the Lions/LSU Clinic Building are having their flood damaged floors replaced.
  • The environmental remediation contract was able to begin work again in the basement of 1542 Tulane after a power problem was solved. They are also continuing their cleaning on Floors 1, 3, 4 and 5.
  • The contractor making repairs to the two large lecture rooms in the MEB has completed approximately 60% of the sheetrock in Lecture Room A.