Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

  • Temporary repairs to the Dental School are continuing.
    • The hot water heaters are in place and being connected to the building plumbing.
    • The desiccant air dryer for medical air has been installed.
    • Some of the old black iron pipe is being replaced with copper to meet current codes.
    • Sump pumps are in place and connected.
  • The environmental remediation at 1542 Tulane also continues to progress.
    • The demolition of the flood damaged walls in the basement continues. We estimate that the work is about 90% complete.
    • Insulation in one of the basement walls being demolished is being tested for asbestos.
  • Following the installation of new floor tile in the Residence Hall, the contractor is completing the installation of new door stops and thresholds.
  • The installation of new carpeting in the two large Lecture Halls at the MEB has begun.
  • Floor preparations for the application of the new epoxy surface continued today in the MEB Gross Lab and Morgue.
  • The installation of replacement ceiling tile in the MDL is approximately 50% complete.
  • The contractor has begun the installation of new projector supports in the two large Lecture Halls at the MEB.