Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Monday, July 17, 2006

  • The new epoxy floor coatings were applied to the Morgue and the Gross Anatomy Lab floors as scheduled over the past weekend. The final sealant was applied to the Gross Anatomy Lab floor today.
    • An additional vinyl coating will be applied to the floor in the Morgue to provide additional protection from certain chemicals that are more prevalent there.
  • The exchange of the steam distribution values in the MEB was completed successfully over the weekend. Domestic hot water and steam was restored to the building late on Saturday.
  • The installation of the new vinyl wallpaper in the rear of the two large Lecture Halls in the MEB is now substantially complete. Work has begun on the application of the acoustic wallpaper on the side walls of Lecture Room B.
  • The installation of the new carpeting in Lecture Room A has been finished.
  • All of the new seat/table pedestals have been installed in Lecture Room B and the work is approximately 20% complete in Lecture Room A.
  • The installation of the projector platforms and supports also began in the MEB Lecture Rooms today.
  • The contractor at the Dental School has begun fire sealing all of the floor/ceiling penetrations caused by the new temporary switchgear conduit. The hot water heater has been piped to the mixing valve, and the elevator contractor is removing damaged parts and completing their evaluation of the damage.
  • The environmental remediation contractor continues working at 1542 Tulane Ave. The cleaning in the basement is 90% complete and the 2nd floor cleaning is finished. The 1st floor will be complete by the end of this week.