Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

  • As noted last week, the replacement of the CSRB riser feeders that serve the Perdido side of the building was completed during the last outage June 23rd and 24th. The B riser which serves the opposite side of the building - the half closest to the Lions Eye Building, will be done this weekend, July 7th and 8th. This work will entail several complete power outages, each less than one hour in duration. Other than the times of complete power outage, the air conditioning, ventilation and emergency power will be available. During the process, lights on the Lions Eye building side will be off as well as normal power (receptacles). A mass email has been distributed with additional information regarding specifics of the scheduled outages.
  • The environmental remediation contractor is completing the wipe-down of the 2nd floor and starting on the cleaning of the A/C ducts on the 1st floor at 1542 Tulane. Demolishing of the non-structural walls in the basement that were damaged by flood waters began today.
  • The repairs to the two large lecture halls, the Multidisciplinary Labs, the Gross Lab and the Morgue in the MEB continue.
    • The tile floor in the Multidisciplinary Lab is to be completed today.
    • The replacement of the ceiling tile in the Gross Lab is almost complete.
    • The application of the new epoxy floors in the Gross Lab and the Morgue will start next week.
    • The new projection screens for the two large lecture halls have arrived. Installation should begin shortly.
    • The painting of the new sheetrock in the two large lecture halls is approximately 75% complete.
  • The installation of new flooring in the cabs of the passenger elevators has been completed in the MEB, the Nursing/Allied Health Building and the Residence Hall B and C towers.