Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

  • The temporary electrical repairs are progressing well at 1542 Tulane.
    • The contractor is in the process of piping in the 1000KV transformer with the 13.8K amp transformer. All of the electrical loads from the building are terminated now, except for the loads to the elevators.
    • All of the PL panels (1-5) are also terminated at the 1000KV transformer. The buses have been installed in the transformer.
    • The 13.8KV switchgear is set in place and the contractor has begun piping it into the building.
    • They are preparing the electrical cables for connecting the loads run by the PL4 panel.
    • They have begun tracing the various feeds to the upper floors throughout the building with the help of LSUHSC Facility Services electricians.
  • In Lecture Room A at the MEB, the contractor installed the remaining electrical & network connection pods in the table tops. One of the electrical wiring harnesses that supplies power to the pods is missing, so a single row of table tops will be without electrical power temporarily, until the harness is delivered and installed.
  • The gas pipe has been installed in Room 4207A, just off the Gross Anatomy Lab.
  • The last of the leaks have been fixed on the new sinks installed in the Gross Anatomy and Swing Labs. All of the fittings were tightened which seems to have resolved the last of the problems.
  • The elevator pits in the Roman Street Garage have been pumped out and cleaned, so that repairs to the elevator parts in the pits can be completed.
  • The contractor repairing windows on the downtown campus installed much of the missing metal trim around the windows of the buildings.
    • There are only two windows left to replace on the Allied Health Nursing Bldg. and one window on CSRB.
    • Six windows for 1542 Tulane have been delivered but not yet installed.
  • Progress at the Dental School continues.
    • The contractor changed the governor cables on Elevators #1 & #2 and changed the governor shivs on the freight & #1 and #2 elevators.
    • The domestic water system is being chemically treated with a chlorinated solution to sterilize the domestic water system.
    • The hot water system is operating at half capacity due to a faulty panel supplied with one of the hot water heaters. The new panel is on order and is expected to arrive shortly.
    • The pipe insulators continue to work towards completion.