Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Thursday, August 03, 2006

  • Work continues in restoring the two large Lecture Rooms in the MEB.
    • In Lecture Room B, all of the table tops have been installed.
    • The last 18 of the table top data ports and outlets in Lecture Room B are ready to be wired.
    • Three of the modesty panels for Lecture Room B have not been delivered and they are being tracked at this time. They will be installed when delivered.
    • The majority of the table tops for Lecture Room A have been delivered, but have not been installed at this time.
    • There are some damaged table tops and modesty panels in the shipment intended for Lecture Room A. They are usable and will be installed initially so that the room can be utilized quickly. They will be replaced at a later date when the new parts have been received.
    • The controls on the podiums for the projectors have some technical problems that the audio/visual sub-contractor is working on.
  • The updates on the work in the Morgue, Gross and Swing Labs are as follows:
    • The metal casework did not arrive today as scheduled. The revised delivery date is tomorrow. The installation will begin as soon as they are delivered.
    • The Morgue floor has two cracks in Cooler B.  The cracking is most likely due to the shrinking of the underlying concrete floor as the temperature in the cooler dropped, once it was turned on. The design team and contractor are assessing the problem and developing a plan for correcting the issue.
  • The contractor making permanent window repairs to the downtown campus is progressing well. 46 windows around the CSRB and the Lions/LSU Clinic building have been replaced so far.  All of the replacement windows have been received. The contractor needs to build additional staging and must also secure a second lift that will give access to the windows located high on the buildings.
  • The contractor making temporary repairs at 1542 Tulane continues to dismantle the old switchgear in the basement. In addition, the pumps and motors that are to be rebuilt or replaced have been removed and the parts required are on order.