Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

  • The installation of the casework, countertops and related plumbing fixtures in the MEB Gross Anatomy Lab and Swing Lab is proceeding rapidly.
    • LSUHSC Facilities staff installed new shut off valves at each sink location over the weekend.
  • The majority of the work in the MEB Lecture Room B has been completed. The architects are preparing the punch list for work that remains. Since a number of the punch list items are not critical for use of the space, it is anticipated that this room may be available to accommodate the 1st year Medical students as they begin class on Thursday morning, 8/10/06. The completion of the punch list will be coordinated around the scheduled use of the space.
    • Temporary white boards have been provided for use until the new boards are delivered. They are currently scheduled to arrive at the end of the month.
  • The contractor is connecting all of the new electrical and network wiring to the table tops in Lecture Room A. The contractor is also working to finish the installation of the table tops. The seats have been delivered but not yet been installed, so that access to the wiring channels under the table tops is easier. We are monitoring progress closely in hopes that this room can be made available within the next two weeks.
    • Additional acoustic wallpaper is to be delivered and installed soon.
    • The audio/visual sub-contractor has some problems to diagnose and resolve at the podium.
  • The air handling unit supplying the 2nd floor lobby in the MEB is operational. The reheat valves still need to be piped and insulated.
  • The temporary chiller at the Dental School was started up today so that the existing cooling tower could be tested.
    • The east side of the cooling tower is operating with only minimal repairs required.
    • The west side of the tower will require some repairs to the controller which are being assessed at this time.
  • The contractor making repairs to the electrical and mechanical systems at 1542 Tulane Ave. is tracing wires and stripping the beakers out of electrical panels, preparing the panels for reuse.
    • The first half of the 13.8 KW building switchgear has been demolished