Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Friday, September 15, 2006

  • 1542 Tulane Ave:
    • Entergy has finished installing their meters.
    • Ordes is closing all of the new panels and labeling the old and unused panels.
    • Ordes has also red taped all pipes and conduit with high voltage wires. They are waiting on Entergy to energize the vault.
  • Campus Window Replacement:
    • The contractor has completed the installation of the doors at Residence Hall. There are two more windows to replace on the main campus. There is one on the east side CSRB and the other is on the first floor of the Resource Center.
  • Central Utility Plant:
    • The motor will be delivered late next week. The filters have arrived and are stored at the electricians warehouse. The VFD is scheduled to arrive Monday of next week. They will mobilize next week to start work again.
  • Garage Elevators:
    • Reliable expects to have an elevator working in 6 weeks. They are scheduled to start working again in 1 weeks.
  • Dental School:
    • Pipe Insulation labeling/identification continues.
    • Repairs of the incinerator continue.
    • The emergency generator has been refueled to 100% & is ready to operate.
    • The temporary-temporary chiller has been repaired. The contractor replaced two compressors & the system is cooling the building.
    • The medical gas cylinders arrived and are staged on the loading dock for use in the testing of the medical gas system.