Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

  • The contractor at 1542 Tulane powered up the switchgear and the rest of the equipment installed as part of the Temporary Power Project today.
    • They began the process of going throughout the building; verifying that the electrical panels they intended to supply power to now have electricity.
    • The 1000KV transformer will be left on to provide temporary power in the basement.
    • The fourth floor riser and the 480KV transformer that powers the panels on the upper floors were turned off.  The contractor will be checking panels in the building all week.
  • In the Central Utility Plant, the contractor has installed the junction box on top of the filter. The cables that were on order arrived and they are preparing to run the cables from the filter to the VFD.
  • The project to provide improved lighting to the Student Parking lots continues.
    • They are still running wire from each light pole location to the distribution panel.
    • They are also preparing to build the concrete bases; one for each light pole.
  • The Phase 2 electrical contractor at the Dental School is working on the punch-list items (i.e., testing the dock lighting, clean-up of debris & materials, etc.).
  • The Dental School’s environmental consultant was on site completing the detailed room-by-room information assessment for the environmental remediation contract that will address Floors 2-8 in the Clinic Building and Floors 2-4 in the Administration Building .
  • The Phase 2 environmental remediation sub-contractor set-up negative-air machines and portable dehumidifiers on the upper floors of the Dental School buildings to help arrest additional mold growth.