Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

  • The VFD, the new filter, and the rebuilt motor at the Central Utility Plant are now connected and wired. 
    • The power and motor rotation were checked at the startup meeting today.  The rotation of the motor is correct and the mechanical subcontractors returned to shim and align the motor. 
    • The control wire still has to be connected in order for the motor to operate normally.  We are now waiting for instructions from the architect to get the wires tied in.  Once the controls are connected and this VFD and the rebuilt motor work properly for a week, the filter will be installed in the other, previously repaired VFD and we will have restored the redundancy in the system as it was originally designed.
  • The contractor has begun working on the project to make improvements to the lighting in the Student Parking Lots on the downtown campus.
    • The contractor is determining the location for the new light poles in Student Lot #3. 
    • They are also preparing to make a trench 18” wide and 30” deep for conduit and wire to be run to each light pole in the same parking lot. 
    • The perimeter of Student Lot #3 will be blocked off this evening and for the next few days to allow the trench to be dug.
  • At the Dental School, the elevator contractor is installing the control panels for elevator #3 in the Clinic Building . Additional work includes:
    • The Phase 1 contractor installed 1 of 3 new doors. The other two doors don't have the proper hinge patterns to match the frames.
    • The contractor installed the identification tags and circuit directories in the new electrical panels.
    • The architects & FEMA representatives were on site today reviewing and aligning the permanent repair Project Worksheets for the site damage at the Dental School campus.