Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Friday, November 17, 2006

  • The sub-contractor who will provide new, temporary dehumidification equipment walked the floors of the Dental School Clinic and Administration buildings today and found that the fresh air system was open. 
    • They will bring in their equipment to dehumidify the building next week and will close all of the fresh air louvers.
    • The environmental remediation contractor removed the temporary dehumidifiers that he had provided to help lower the relative humidity in the Clinic and Administration buildings.
  • The mechanical sub-contractor at the Dental School turned on the heaters in the basement today. 
    • The design team engineer showed the mechanical sub-contractor the leaks that have been discovered on the loop pump, the condenser pump, and over the de-aerator tank. 
  • The contractor making storm-related repairs to various parking lot control systems completed work on five gates with the installation of the automatic closers. 
    • The electrical contractor who won the bid to make the repairs to the electrical feeds to the parking lots has been sent the contract documents for signature.
  • Progress on the Student Parking Lot Lighting project continued. 
    • Parking Lot 2 - Work will proceed through the weekend to install the steel reinforcement cages and the forms around the timber pilings in preparation for pouring concrete light pole bases on Monday morning.
    • Parking Lot 3 - The areas around all the new light pole locations were compacted and cleaned up.  The new concrete light pole bases were given a finished look with a thin coat of concrete sand mix.
  • The contractor working at 1542 Tulane Ave. finished cleaning out the vault under the lakeside lot which will be used for a future electrical riser.  They will haul off the trash tomorrow.