Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

  • The Dental School sub-contractor started the two temporary chillers and discovered a leak at the cooling tower.  There is a 1 inch fitting that has rusted through on the chemical feed for the condenser water.  The technician shut the system down to keep from contaminating the condenser.  Repairs will be made shortly.
  • The contractor started the two chilled water supply pumps and one condenser water pump in the Dental School basement. 
    • The chilled water supply pumps #1 and #2 made an unusual amount of noise during the hour long run.
    • Chilled water supply pump motor #2 tripped on overloads.
    • The engineer traced the supply line to see if there were any valves that were in the closed position that could cause the pump to overload. 
    • The #1 condenser pump motor had a serious vibration.  The contractor decoupled the pump and started the motor without a load, and the unit did not vibrate.  The belief is that the pump is either not in alignment or the water flow is not balanced.
  • Another sub-contractor installed some of the thermostats needed in the Dental School basement. 
  • At Student Parking Lot #2, the conduit installation is now approximately 95% complete.  The new electrical panel is scheduled to be installed shortly.  Steel reinforcement "cages" for the concrete light pole bases are assembled and ready for installation. 
  • The steel reinforcement "cages" have been installed around the wood pilings at Student Parking Lot #3 and the conduit stubbed up.  The outer concrete forms must now be installed before the concrete can be poured.