Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Monday, December 11, 2006

  • NOTICE: Effective immediately, the de-ionized water system in the CSRB is NOT SAFE FOR ANY USE.  Please do not attempt to use the system until further notice.  We are in the process of sanitizing the de-ionized (DI) water system for the labs in the building.  We expect to complete the process by Friday, December 15th.  However, please do not use the system until further notice. 
    • In order to sanitize the system, the contractor will be putting a 35% hydrogen peroxide solution into the system.  The contractor will be visiting each lab,  possibly several times, to change the final filters, run the DI system to clean out the delivery piping, and perform the necessary testing.
    • If you have questions, please contact Donald Lewis at (504) 674-7575 or Katty LeVasseur at (504) 568-8155.
  • The project to improve the lighting in the Student Parking Lots on the downtown campus is substantially complete. 
    • Parking Lot #2:  The new lights are working, the fence has been restored and the clean up of the site is complete.
    • Parking Lot #3: The installation of the new lighting fixtures and the related electrical connections are due to be completed today.  The clean up of the site is also complete.
  • The contractor at 1542 Tulane Ave. is installing new conduit for the wiring to connect an emergency generator. 
  • Work at the Dental School continues. 
    • The elevator contactor worked over the weekend installing parts for the freight elevator. 
    • All of the old copper pipe has been removed from the 1st floor.  A leak has also been capped. 
    • Repairs are being made to thermostats and zone actuators on the 8th floor of the Clinic Building . 
    • All of the parts necessary for the repair of the flood gate have arrived.  The contractor began installing the parts today.