Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

  • The Dental School elevator contractor worked on the repairs to 1st floor call buttons and to the rollers on the doors in the basement of the Clinic Building. 
  • The mechanical subcontractor worked on the steam condensate line in the Dental School Power Plant at the platform level.
    • They also found a crack in a 4" vacuum line in the Faculty Practice area on the 1st floor of the Clinic building when they started up the unit yesterday evening.
  • The contractor continues to make progress on identifying the wires and switches for the Motor Control Center in the Power Plant.
  • The water hoses that connected the chilled water supply and the return lines to the emergency chiller at the Dental School have been removed. 
  • The manufacturer of the incinerator at the Dental School completed the Phase II repairs. 
    • Only the repairs to the fire brick that was damaged by flood waters remain to be priced and completed.
  • The old transformers were removed from the parking lot at 1542 Tulane Ave.   
    • The contractor received 2 pieces of electrical switchgear for the outside generator.
    • They also installed new electrical panels in the basement to service the elevators.
    • The mechanical subcontractor continues to check the basement piping for any leaks.
  • The elevator contractor at 1542 Tulane is removing the damaged controls for the elevators.
  • In the MEB atrium, 80% of the sheet rock is now installed and is being taped, floated and prepped for painting. 
    • The remaining sheet rock installation is waiting for the frames for the new light fixtures to be installed.
    • The fire sprinklers that were covered by the new fur-downs were lowered today so the contractors can finish those areas.
  • The sprinklers located in the ceilings of the MEB 3rd floor corridors were temporarily moved today so the last of the new light fixtures can be installed.