Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Thursday, February 15, 2007

  • The contractor at the Dental School has the new motor control center in place and has begun to make the connections to power from the switch gear room.
    • Equipment associated with HVAC systems is expected to be able to run by Friday. The crew will be continuing to work on the installation tonight.
  • The Dental School elevator contractor has 3 elevators in the Clinic building close to being able to be certified. 
    • They have been asked to expedite the certification of at least two of the elevators, so that personnel (contractor and LSUHSC) will be able to use the elevators.
  • All of the ceiling tiles have been removed from the 3rd floor of the Clinic Building .
    • The contractor has begun the process of covering rooms on the 4th floor in the Clinic.
  • The contractor is preparing to remove the old support rods from the old chillers in the Dental Power Plant.
  • The installation of new floor tile in the MEB atrium is approximately 30% complete.
    • The sheet rock contractor is working tonight.
    • The last of the ceiling grid is being installed.