Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Friday, February 02, 2007

  • Work has continued on the project to make enhancements to the MEB atrium.
    • The fur downs and drywall have been installed over the space that had been blocked off to afford protected access through the atrium during the earlier construction.
    • All of the drywall has been taped and floated.  The final sanding is being completed and painting will begin next week.
    • Construction of a knee wall along the elevated potion of flooring will be constructed next week.
    • The State Fire Marshal has reviewed the placement of sprinklers and we anticipate receiving his written report shortly.
    • New light fixtures are on order and should be received on or about 2/12/07 and installation would begin shortly thereafter.
    • The installation of the flooring is expected to begin on 2/12/07.
  • The Dental School elevator contractor is removing all of the old elevator equipment from the Administration Building Penthouse. 
  • The ceiling in the Dental Admin Building has been removed.  The will return on Monday to clean and pressure wash the front and parking lot areas.
  • The installation of the conduit for the Dental School telecommunications project continues. 
  • The contractor is assembling the new motor control center in preparation for its installation in the Power Plant.
  • The 1542 Tulane Ave. contractor continues to run conduit for lighting in the basement and they are completing the tie in of the transformer and transfer switches.
    • Jefferson Sprinklers will work on Saturday to repair some sprinkler heads and piping.
    • The mechanical subcontractor continues to clean out the sumps in the basement.
    • The process of insulating the chilled water pipes also continues.