Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Thursday, March 22, 2007

  • NOTICE: The contractor installing the water meters for the downtown campus irrigation system is closing off the 400 block of S. Roman Street.   He is working between the entrance to the S. Roman Street Garage and the corner at Tulane Avenue.  It is expected that he will complete the work late this afternoon or early evening.  During this time, do not attempt to make a left turn as you leave the parking garage. 
    • Tulane Avenue can be accessed from either Bolivar (river bound) or S. Prieur Streets. 
    • There will be several other street closures.  Tomorrow they will close the 500 block of S. Roman Street first, and then the 500 block of Bolivar.  The last closure will be the 600 block of Bolivar, between the Residence Hall and Student Lot #2.  The contractor has not yet confirmed when this last project will be completed, however it may be as early as late Friday afternoon or as late as Monday. 
  • With the replacement of a substantial portion of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing equipment at the Dental School , the LSUHSC Facility Services personnel require significant training on the operations and proper maintenance of the newly installed equipment. 
    • Three separate training sessions have already occurred and another training session was given today. 
    • Additional training is still planned and will probably be completed by the middle of next week.
  • The mandatory pre-bid conference was held today for the bid to provide the environmental remediation and duct cleaning in the Dental School Clinic and Administration buildings.
    • Over 40 separate prospective bidders attended the mandatory pre-bid conference. 
  • The contractor working at 1542 Tulane Ave. was running additional 4 inch conduit in basement.  
    • The elevator contractor and the insulation sub-contractor were on site again today as their respective projects continue.