Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dental School :

  • Zimmer completed the removal of carpet in Room 5312 in the Clinic Building.  This is part of preparing the room to serve as the new point of connection for BellSouths fiber optic trunks and network connections that will service the Clinic and Administration buildings and the Power Plant. 
    • The replacement telephone switch will also be located in this room.
  • The motor from Chiller #2 which was determined to be causing a breaker in the new switch gear to trip repeatedly has been removed from the chiller and prepared for transport. 
  • Schindler Elevator is progressing on completing the necessary repairs in the elevator  penthouse of the Administration Building. 
  • ADC Communications started installing the new network equipment they put in place in Room 5312 on Monday.
    • This is the beginning of the project to upgrade the network infrastructure in the Clinic and Administration buildings.

1542 Tulane:

  • Ordes removed the old starter on the #1 Sump Pump and installed the new controller.
  • Arc Mechanical worked on completing repairs to the (steam) condensate return system; welding in new gate valves, traps and check valves.