Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Thursday, April 26, 2007

NOTICE: Facility Services will be making some repairs in several buildings on Saturday, April 28th starting at 8:00 AM.

  • The Clinical Sciences Research Building (5th floor only) will have a shutdown of the domestic hot and cold water.  This work will be completed by 4:00 PM.  There will be no water to flush toilets or at any faucet on the 5th floor.  Please refrain from opening faucets or flushing toilets on the 5th floor of the CSRB during this time.
  • The Lions/LSU Clinic Building will have a shutdown of the medical air system to make a connection.  This will be completed by 1:00 PM.  Please do not open any medical air valves during this time.
  • The Medical Education Building will have a shutdown of the vacuum and medical air to cap lines, as well as a heating hot water shutdown to make some repairs.  This work will be completed by 4:00 PM.  Please do not open any valves for vacuum or medical air during this time. 

Dental School :

  • The pre-bid  conference for the project to replace the fencing around the Dental School campus was held in the lobby of the Clinic Building. 
  • Zimmer completed removing the carpet from the 7th floor and 8th floors of the Clinic Building. 
  • Schindler was onsite to operate elevators for the delivery of new network cable for the project to update the network infrastructure.
  • Longo's Mechanical, and Machinery Movers visited the site to view the area on the roof of the power house where the new cooling tower will be installed. 
  • Bell South /AT&T and Sprint worked on the telephone equipment today to prepare for the shut-down of the microwave dish and installation of the land line that will take place tonight at midnight. 
    • Bell South worked on the 5th floor and the penthouse installing wire that feeds the cell phone site in that area.
    • They also had a crew in the telephone room in the basement of the Administration Building.  
  • Boe-Tel continue to make progress installing the cable trays on the 3rd and 4th floors. 

1542 Tulane Ave. :

  • Stratos Elevator is installing roller guides, leveling switches and safeties on each floor in the elevator shaft.
  • Ordes Electrical is pulling old wires and conduit from the chase and installing panels for the riser in the old engine room.
  • Arc Mechanical removed the flanges from the ETS to run a hydro test on the ETS.