Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dental School :

  • The installation of new ceiling tile and grid is continuing on the 2nd through the 7th floors of the Clinic Building.
    • The layout of the ceiling grid has begun on the 3rd floor of the Administration Building.
  • Zimmer is finishing up the remediation/cleaning on the 8th floor of the Clinic building and on the 1st floor of the Administration building. 
    • Re-cleaning of the 2nd floor of the Administration Building should be completed by the end of today. 
    • The area clearance samples will be taken in the morning. 
    • Stairwell A will is being prepped today and will be cleaned and painted tomorrow.
  • The installation of racks in the new network/telecom closets on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Clinic Building is complete. 
    • Rack installation began in the 6th and 7th floors closets in the Clinic Building.
    • Demolition of the old closets continues on the 4th, 6th and 7th floors in the Clinic Building.
  • The installation and repair of fire exit doors continues in the Clinic Building.
  • Carpenters began work to protect the antique dental equipment located in the 3rd floor Administration Building breezeway.
  • The removal of demolition debris from the 4th floor Administration Lecture Halls A & B began last night and will continue on night shifts until all of the debris has been removed.

1542 Tulane Ave.:

  • Ordes installed a new breaker to power the "LW" panels in the NW corner of the building.
    • Ordes is in the process of verifying that the power is available at these panels. 
  • Stratos Elevator was on site making a materials list of the parts needed to complete the repairs to Elevator #2.

Landscaping Project: 

  • Planting on the Perdido St. side of the CSRB has been completed. 
  • Mulch was placed in the planting beds at the Lions/LSU Clinic flagpole and in a portion of CSRB beds.

Cafeteria Renovations:

  • The curved walls have been framed and drywalled.
  • The interior partition wall has been framed and is ready for drywall to be installed.
  • The new ceiling grid is being installed. 

Student Parking Lot Paving:

  • All of the concrete bumpers have been removed from both lots.
  • One of the lots has been graded, new base material has been spread and compacted.
  • Old paving material and debris is being removed from the other lot.