Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Thursday, August 30, 2007

NOTICE: The potable water lines at the Dental School Administration and Clinic Buildings will be treated with chlorine starting Friday, August 31st, from 8:30 am to Monday, September 3rd at 1:00 pm.  Contractors will be shocking the water system and the water lines will be filled with chlorine.  As a result, the water will be non-potable and students, faculty and staff are urged not to drink the water or use it for washing hands until Monday afternoon.  The chlorine must sit in the pipes and will be flushed on Monday morning, September 3rd.

Dental School :

  • At 8:00 am on Thursday, August 30, 2007, Mr. George Thiaville of the State of Louisiana Office of State Fire Marshall conducted a re-inspection of the 1100 Florida Avenue property as a follow-up to his first inspection last week.   The Fire Marshall found that LSUHSC-NO had corrected all items noted for correction on the August 23, 2007 inspection report.  Therefore, LSUHSC is granted full occupancy of the Clinic and Administration buildings with the exception of the 1st floor. 
  • The elevator lobby in the Clinic Building has been painted. 
    • The fur down framing is complete and is awaiting the installation of sprinklers and light fixtures.
  • Work continues on the mechanical room in area 3. 
  • The AHUs in areas 1 and 2 are installed and awaiting power. 
  • The installation of the remaining equipment in the Central Sterilization unit is nearly complete. 
    • Getinge is making the final connections and prepping for equipment startup and testing.
  • Zimmer is completing final build out in several of the new network/telecommunications closets. 
    • Firetrol has begun turning the sprinkler heads.
  • The temporary boiler is in the process of being started up. 
  • The acid waste line replacement is nearing completion. 
    • The majority of piping has been installed on the first floor with only a few more connections needed.

MEB Duct Cleaning:

  • BMS CAT continues with the 7th floor duct cleaning.

1542 Tulane Ave. :

  • Siemens continues to work on the fire alarm system; routing conduit from the new riser through the basement to the fire alarm cabinets on the 1st floor.
  • Stratos Elevator Co. continues to work on the #2 elevator.
  • Ordes had the three remaining 4th floor riser fuses delivered to the site and is scheduled to install tomorrow.

MEB Cafeteria Renovations:

  • Most of the hanging light fixtures have been installed. 
    • Lights around the perimeter where booths, etc. will be installed beneath the fixtures locations will not be installed until the furniture has been delivered and set in place.
  • The frames for the curved glass wall along the hallway have been installed.
    • All of the glass panels have been installed in the frames.
  • A new Starbucks Coffee kiosk is being assembled in the atrium between the Allied Health/Nursing Building and the MEB.