Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Dental School :

  • 1st Floor Projects
    • Insulation is being installed around the ductwork on the first floor.
    • Lighting and electrical installation continues.
    • Sprinkler heads were installed in the elevator lobby.
  • Sterilizer
    • Getinge continues to make connections to equipment.
    • Landis has begun installing wainscoting and final paint in some rooms.
  • Remediation
    • The final viable re-sample result has arrived and AHU 5A passed and was turned on.
    • The remediation project is now complete.


Cafeteria Project:

  • The floor was sealed over the weekend.


1542 Tulane Avenue:

  • Ordes Electric is walking the building, checking all areas powered by the 4th floor riser for power now that all fuses have been installed.  
  • Stratos Elevator Co is working on elevator #2, installing the whisper-flex cabling which acts in conjunction with the counter-weight as a counter balance to the elevator cab.
  • Siemens is installing new speaker & strobe device boxes for the new fire alarm system devices on the 1st floor.