Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Monday, May 19, 2008

1542 Tulane Ave. :

  • Stratos is installing the cab walls in Elevator #7.
  • Zimmer-Eschette is removing floor tile from the vestibule of the auditorium and in the loft of Room 108A.
  • Zimmer crews are cleaning Room 109H and 108 behind Elevators #1, #2, and #3.
  • The Herman Miller Group continues to assemble furniture on the 5th and 6th Floors.
  • The contractor finished priming the construction walls on Floors 1 - 4.
  • Boe-Tel is testing the network switch and connections in the 1st Floor network closet.

Dental School :

  • Needham Roofing continued cutting out and installing new backer rod and caulk in the pre-cast stone joints of the Clinic Building penthouse exterior walls. 
    • They started installing the metal flat bars above the flashing of the parapet walls to help prevent water from getting under the roof material.