Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Administration & Finance

Thursday, August 21, 2008


1542 Tulane Ave. :

  • Stratos Elevator technicians are pulling wire and hanging travel cable for Elevator #4 and wiring the controller for Elevator #7.
  • Zimmer-Eschette continues with the demolition of the 2nd and 3rd Floor lounge areas.
    • The demolition of the interior spaces in the 3rd and 4th Floor of the annex is progressing. 
  • New walls are being framed for the lounges on the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th Floors. 
  • The piping in the hallways is being insulated. 
  • The terrazzo in Stairwell D is being honed.
  • LSUHSC Facility Services continues preparing doors for locksets on the 3rd and 4th Floors. 
    • All of the old piping has been capped on all floors.
  • The furniture vendor completed setting up and arranging furniture on the 8th Floor.
    • The rooms have been inspected and locked.


Dental Campus Roof Replacement:

  • Needham Roofing is repairing the roof on the Administration Building penthouse around the base of new exhaust units.


Dental Campus Lab Renovations:

  • The electrical sub-contractor continues installing the new electrical rough-ins.
  • The contractor is removing drain lines from beneath Room 8405.


Dental School Auditoriums A&B Renovations:

  • The electrical sub-contractor continues to remove electrical and telecommunications wiring.
  • The contractor is removing the old heating water pipes.


Library Commons:

  • LSUHSC Facility Services continues roughing in and routing wiring for the wall switches.
  • The contractor completed framing the monitor fur-outs in both the large and small media rooms.
    • They continue framing the wall behind the interior stairs.
  • Crews continue constructing the new Coffee Kiosk.


Lions/LSU Clinic Permanent Repairs and Mitigation:

  • The contractor is installing new glass on the S. Prieur St. side of building.
  • A crew is installing a CMU wall by the Electrical Room on the 1st Floor on the S. Prieur St. side of the building.
  • The contractor continues the installation of a steel platform for the new switchgear on the 2nd Floor.
    • They are installing a trap primer on the floor drains under the platform on the 2nd Floor.
  • The plumbing sub-contractor is routing a new waste line between the 5th and 6th Floor bathrooms on the S. Prieur St. side.
  • Electricians continue running conduit from the 5th to the 6th Floor.
  • The contractor is piping in supply and return mains to the VAVs located on the Bolivar/Gravier St. side of the 6th Floor.
  • The installation of the medical gas lines to the new simulation rooms on the 6th Floor is progressing.
  • They continue to re-route the condensate line on the 6th Floor.
  • Crews continue to install new sheetrock and frame walls on the S. Prieur St. side of the 6th Floor.
    • Sheetrock and insulation is still being installed on the new walls on the 7th Floor.


MEB MDL #5 Renovations:

  • The HVAC grilles and return grilles have been installed in the new ceiling grid.
  • The sub-floor has been built up in preparation for the installation of VCT tiles.


MEB 2nd Floor Elevator Lobby Renovations:

  • A crew is sanding the joints in the sheetrock walls.


MEB 4th Floor Ceiling Replacement:

  • The contractor completed relocating the sprinkler heads.
  • New ceiling light fixtures are being installed. 
  • The contractor began installing perimeter ceiling tiles in the corridors and installing supply diffusers.


Residence Hall 2nd Floor Lobby Expansion:

  • The contractor continues installing the new steel.